Fat Tire Electric Bike in Lime Green


This Electric fat tire bike from Wheelie World has proven to be a big hit this year and its no wander as it features a powerful 48v 13 Ah LG Lithium battery that is capable of assisting you up to 55-60km on a single charge.

This e-bike comes with modern style, adjustable suspension and phenomenal pulling power on the road and when climbing hills.

Suitable for all terrains you won’t be disappointed with this monster hill climber of a bike.

Other colours are available.


Technical Details

Battery: 48v 13AH Lithium battery

Frame material: Alloy Aluminium 6061 bicycle frame

Painting: German automatic electrostatic spraying

Front fork: Wide aluminum shoulder locked front fork

Headset: Droplets seal headset

Handlebar: Ergonomic handlebar

Grip: Ergonomic grip

Stem: Alloy Aluminum anodized stem

Brake & Speed system

Speed Rear Shifter: SHIMANO 7 speed rear shifter

Rear Derailleur Pulley:  SHIMANO 7 speed pulley

New & Improved Brake system: Tektro disc brakes

Drivetrain Pedal: Taiwan Aluminum Wellgo pedals

Crankset: Alloy Aluminum 3 pieces 24*34*42T snow bike dedicated crank

Axle: ZHIQING waterproof one integrated axial bearing

Chain:  KMC 7 speed snow bike dedicated chain

Cover Tire:  26*4.0 fat tire

Inner Tire: Butyl rubber inner tube, Schrader valve

Front Hub: Taiwan ASSESS aluminum snow bike hub

Rim: Super wide alloy aluminum baking varnish colorful rim

Wheel: Spoke 14 spokes

Max Speed: 40-45km / h

Cycling Modes:  3 Ways of riding: ❶ Full Electric Power-Throttle ❷ Pedal and Power assisted ❸ Turn off power and full pedal

BMS  Battery Management System