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*Shipped from UK warehouse, it takes approximately 5-7 working days to receive your e-bike. (Remote areas and islands are excluded from delivery.)
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Q2: Engine Pro User Manual
Please click here to view Engine Pro User Manual.

Q3: How to install Engine Pro e-bike?
Please click here to view installation steps for Engine Pro.

Q4:How to disable the throttle on Engine Pro e-bike?
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Q5: How to activate the throttle of Engine Pro e-bike?
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Q6: How to change ‘KM’ to ‘Miles’ (or ‘Miles’ to ‘KM’) in the display of the Engine Pro e-bike?
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Q7: How to restore factory settings?
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Q8: How do I set the speed limit of my Engine Pro e-Bike to 25 km/h?
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Q9: How do I increase the speed limit of my Engine Pro e-bike to 48 km/h?
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Q10: Why the engine makes a strange noise when accelerating, which is a little like vibration?
In general, because our ebike is powerful and the flywheel rotates noisily, it does not affect the normal use. Please do not worry. If you are really worried, please take a video and contact our customer service team: service@engwe-bikes.com

Q11: Engine Pro Headset – How to properly adjust it and also how to install it on a brand new bike?
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Q12: Can I modify the bike by myself, such as brakes, chains, gears, generators?
If you are not familiar with the performance of the bicycle, we recommend not to modify it at will. If you must modify it, please contact our customer service staff to verify whether it can be modified.
Customer Service Email: service@engwe-bikes.com

Q13:My bicycle chain is scratching with the wheel, so I can’t change gears, and the derailleur looks deformed, what should I do?
If the derailleur guard touches the derailleur screw, the derailleur guard needs to be pulled out. In order to maintain a distance of 15mm between the transmission and the protection device.

Q14: Engine Pro Can’t turn on or lose power while riding:
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Enjoy Your Adventurous Riding AcrossAll Types of Terrain

With ENGINE Pro outstanding power, top-notch suspension, and reliable brake system,
conquering both uphill and downhill rides becomes a breeze



Full Suspension for Extreme Comfort and Traction

ENGINE PRO is equipped with Soft Tail and front suspension, providing a ride that is both comfortable and offers excellent traction


SHIMANO 8-speed

A SHIMANO derailleur delivers reliable, effortless, and accurate gear shifting on any terrain or gradient.


Headlight and Tail

LightThe bright LED headlight ensures that the road ahead is well-lit, while the rear tail light ensures visibility to others on the road.


Hydrualic Brakes

ENGINE Pro boasts hydraulic brakes that deliver exceptional performance, ensuring your safety is always a top priority.


Extended Saddle

ENGINE Pro features a generously sized and plush saddle, guaranteeing the coziest seating experience you’ve ever had.


Premium Handbar

Crafted from thick, luxurious materials, it’s designed to provide you with the ultimate riding experience, ensuring every moment feels like a blissful journey.


Easy to Assemble


Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Judge.me Silver Authentic Shop medal
Lee Perkins 
Nothing more to say

Just like all the other reviews, this ebike is the best on the market in this price range with all these features. Hands down. It’s super quick, great range and extremely comfortable. Yes it’s heavy but thats to be expected. I was genuinely blown away though by how well the bike is made and how premium it feels. The only thing that shocked me however was the size, this is no ‘small’ folding ebike – it’s larger than you might expect. But overall I absolutely love it.

Guy Silvester 
Very nice ride

This was all delivered with in 5 days of me ordering what I wanted. It looks great rides great, I have added a few more items to it so I can stay out longer on it. Just waiting for some good days to really give it a good run and find out what it can do. I would say to anyone thinking about getting one buy one. It was easy to but together and the riding position is spot on. My friend is now thinking about buying one having seen mine.


I have had the Engine Pro for few months now, WOW. This bike really does live upto its you tube reputation. I must admit I’m not an extreme user but I can honestly say the bike is sturdy well made easy to assemble from the box. OK at 1st I had a couple of issues which where both very quickly with the help of Real (pronounced RE-AL(not sure of spelling)). I had a delivery problem at first and within a few days of contacting Real in customer service my bike arrived. Sadly the battery was missing but once again Real in customer service came to my rescue and within a few days I was off enjoying the new ride.
I would highly recommend the Engine Pro to anyone looking for a folding ebike. Yes at 39k it’s heavy but you soon get used to this. Small price to pay for comfort and power. I am travelling to and from work everyday up hills and a couple of trips out at the weekends only charging once a week. As for Engwe there customer service is excellent a company you can trust. Thank you Engwe you have been recommend to several of my friends who have been looking to buy an ebike and they are giving you some serious consideration it won’t be long before they make a purchase.
Not forgetting A big thank you to Real in customer support for all your help in getting me out and about.

Glyn Seagrave 
my Engwe

Arrived ontime, box was damaged so I feared the worst but luckily all was well. Didnt take that long to assemble, maybe an hour. Battery was at 74% so topped it up before a quick test ride. Everything was fine, all 3 riding modes worked as they should. Very impressed with the bike, quality machine

mike lawrence 
Brilliant machine

Fantastic e bike just what I needed for quick trips to the shops via off road of course.solid build quality fair mileage per charge so good all round the only con I have noticed is the weight of this machine it’s very heavy being a folding bike it should have been made of a lighter metal I find it very hard to lift in and out of my truck. But other than that I’m happy with my purchase



 Engine ProEP-2PRO
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Rear Shock Absorber
Shock AbsorptionFront Fork HydraulicFork Spring
Strong Back Seat
Color Display
USB Charge