Buy Any 2 VOYAGER PRO or WAYFARER Models and save £550

The Wayfarer & Voyager pro models combines a traditional mountain bike design with modern tech, its part of a brand new range of MTB e-bikes. Built specifically to take on tough terrain, with the motor placed in the middle, you benefit from better traction and stability when out on the track.

This Amazing Black Friday Deal (only available till 29th Nov 2021) will save you a WHOPPING £550 off when you buy 2 Pro Models. Simply Place an order for 1 deal and in the notes tell us if you want either, 2 x VOYAGER PRO Electric Mountain bikes, 2 x WAYFARER PRO Electric Mountain bikes or 1 VOYAGER PRO and 1 WAYFARER PRO and we will have your bikes dispatched to you in no time.



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The Voyager Pro and Wayfarer Pro e-bike is brought to you by Eskute’s Official UK Dealer, Wheelie World. As a small Family based business in Aberdeenshire Scotland we are at hand to help and assist with all your Eskute bike special deals, offers and of course our 5star Uk customer Support.

The Voyager Pro comes with modern style, adjustable suspension and phenomenal pulling power on the road and when climbing hills. Equipped with a 250W rated power output and a maximum torque of 65Nm, our M200 Mid-Motor will surely bring you a brand new commuting life.


E-Bike Speeds are restricted to 15.5mph for increased battery efficiency and to fall in line with UK Laws, however by using the peddle assist and the very reliable Shimano 9-Speed Shifter from Japan it allows you to control your speeds with finesse and minimum effort and by utilising the larger sprocket for uphill battles and smaller sprocket for speed you won’t be disappointed.
Suitable for all terrains and with an amazing price tag you won’t find a better quality and value for money Electric Mountain bike anywhere.

Top That off with Eskute’s TWO YEAR WARRANTY  and Wheelie Worlds second to none customer care you have reassurance that you will not be left stranded or “up a hill without a peddle”


9-Speed Gear Shifter

The 9-Speed Shifter provides quick and smooth gear changes, and control your speed with finesse, utilising the larger sprocket for uphill battles and smaller sprocket for speed. You can use in conjunction with pedal assist to find your momentum.


Bafang250w Mid-drive Motor

Smooth, silent and powerful mid-drive motor made by Bafang, one of the leading manufacturing e-mobility components company around the world, makes the uphill journey easier than ever. With a 250W rated power output and a maximum torque of 65Nm, our M200 Mid-Motor will surely bring you a brand new commuting life.

250w, Pure Motor performance, 15.5 miles/h Limited speed


Torque Sensor

The Max. 65 N.m. torque sensor is welly introduced and installed inside the motor , it not only plays an essential role in saving both the time and physical labor when people are riding, but also increase the continued mileage and extend the life of the battery.



Never fear during a long trail ride with Anti-Puncture tires, With aramid and ceramic particles weaved inside the tire, it is designed to increase tire life and prevent punctures.


Kamros Hydraulic Discs Brakes

Kamros TN-160mm hydraulic discs brakes are made of aluminium alloy. The front disc brake will be controlled by the left brake lever, while the rear disc brake will be controlled by the right one. These Hydraulic brake discs are lightweight and powerful enough to stop downhill.


Bafang LCD Display

The high-contrast LCD display by Bafang delivers every important information at a glance and can also be read in direct sunlight without difficulty. Its remote control is extremely robust as well as easy and sensitive to use. The battery level, speedometer which shows the current speed, odometer which views your total distance traveled and the PAS level can all be clearly displayed on the screen.


36V 15AH SAMSUNG Battery

Considering the battery is vitally important for any electrical product. Our mid-drive E-bikes are equipped with 36V 15AH lithium-ion battery from Samsung, one of the best known electronics company all over the world, for ensuring a better and more powerful performance that lives up to your standards. A range of 60 miles and more during pedal assist mode is consistently achieved.

The removable Lithium battery with a 540 wh battery capacity can be quickly removed for those with difficulty in carrying a 23.4kg bicycle. The 3.4kg detachable battery means you can remove and charge it in-house with a flick of a switch.


Rubberised Handlebar Grips

The efficiently, comfortable and ergonomically designed all-condition handlebar grips have been upgraded to even stronger rubber with increased grip.