Eskute Polluno City Electric Bike


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The Polluno ebike is designed for you

Urban, Road and City environments this Electric City Bike  is suitable for those looking for a reliable and fast means of transport, an electric bike that allows you to pedal towards a greener and more environmentally friendly future.
It’s a great choice for city commuting, but at the same time you can ride it in the countryside roads  because it features 27.5″ smooth road tyres and a 100 mm travel fork: these specifications are designed to get you over bumps and ensure a smooth pleasant ride.


This new 2022 Polluno City e-bike comes with modern style, adjustable suspension and Surprisingly Powerful  pulling power on the road and when climbing hills. Speeds are restricted to 15.5mph for battery use alone, however, by using the peddle assist and the very reliable Shimano 7-Speed Shifter from Japan it allows you to control your speeds with finesse and minimum effort and by utilising the larger sprocket for uphill battles and smaller sprocket for speed you won’t be disappointed.
Suitable for Road, City and Countryside rides it comes with an amazing price tag ensuring you won’t find a better quality, and value for money Electric City bike anywhere.

Top That off with Eskutes   TWO YEAR WARRANTY  and Wheelie Worlds second to none customer care you have reassurance that you will not be left stranded or up a hill without a peddle (Pun intended)


The newly launched Polluno -E-City Bike is the latest 2022 Electric bike from Eskue and ideal for daily commutes and outdoor enthusiasts alike thanks to its adjustable height and suspension.

With a restricted speed of up to 25 km/h 15.5 mph for UK Laws, the powerful 250 W rear hub motor and the 36 V, 14.5 Ah removable Samsung-cell lithium-ion battery sufficiently supports an average riding distance of up to 120 km (74.6 miles) once fully charged and in the right terrains. This is a substantial improvement on the previous Wayfarer model.This is the upgraded version of the previous Wayfarer bike Electric City bike and since the improvements it  has a more powerful battery with a longer battery life, a longer riding range and generally,,, its just more fun to ride in daily life.


Can I Buy Another battery?

Our warranty is 2 years for battery, you can buy a battery and other spare accessories at our website or direct from Eskute..

What distance will the ebike run when fully charged?

It can run up to 65 miles in electric assist mode this is dependant on variables such weight, terrain and tire pressures but there is a considerable increase in distance with this model when compared to the previous voyager model.

Is the ebike suitable for both men and women.

Yes we find this bike is ideal for Men and Woman 5’3” and above.