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The 500W electric motor allows for speeds up to 45KM/H and the High capacity battery with a Max travel range of up to 30-40KM under specific conditions.

Front and rear wheel 10-inch solid tires provide max comfort, even on rough surfaces or speed bumps.

C1 pro e-scooter features the ultra-bright headlights with a range of up to 15 meters to enhance safety.

Perfect for Commute and Travel

C1 pro e-scooter collapses for easy storage in car trunks and other compact spaces.


C1pro smart display

The information about scooter status at a glance and power lights, also auto-cruise even speed mode to customize the scooter acceleration and speed.


Body material & size :

Body color : Black

Body material :Aluminum alloy

Packing box size  : 1200 ×  265 × 500 mm

Chassis height: 90 mm

Applicable height; 200 cm

Bodyweight : 23.01 kg

Car body ultimate load:  120 kg

Max speed: 45KM/H

Cruising range:about 30-40KM/H

Applicable terrain

Operating temperature: -10° to 40°

Waterproof grade: IP64

Motor (wheel) parameters

Rated power (W) 500

Rated voltage (V) 48

Rated current (A) 13±0.5

No-load current (A) 1.1±0.2

No-load speed (1min) 950±10

Front-wheel size 10-inch pneumatic tire

Rear-wheel motor size: 10 inch tubeless tire

Voltage: 48V/13A

Additional information

Weight 23.01 kg
Dimensions 120 × 26.5 × 50 cm